Searching someone who wants to earn some money :)

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  1. fullhoes

    fullhoes Miembro nuevo

    2 Jul 2009

    Hi there,

    iam very sorry but i cant speak spanish! I hope you can understand german?

    Iam interested in a plant which is native to Peru.

    You would get the leaves of this plant, dry them, send them to me in Germany, and i would try to sell them here in Germany, there is a chance that the german people are interested in it. I would pay the shipping costs and if iam able to sell them here, you would participate on the money.

    Please type Zornia Latifolia or Maconha Brava in any search enginge and you will finde pictures of the plant. I would post some links but iam not allowed because iam a new user on this board.

    If you know this plant and you want to earn some money, so please answer to this thread.

    Iam awaiting your reply.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for writing in english!