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    8 Feb 2007

    Megadeth selections (peace sells...and so far to good albums, guitar )
    Megadeth prime cuts (guitar)
    Megadeth rust in peace (guitar)
    Megadeth countdown to extinction
    Megadeth youthansaia (guitar)
    Megadeth cryptic writings (guitar)
    Megadeth the best (guitar)
    Megadeth the world need a hero
    megadeth risk
    msg adventures of imagination
    msg assaul attack
    msgb perpect timing
    msg best
    msg msg
    msg build to destroy
    msg unplugged live
    msg save yourself
    Metallica kill then all (guitar)
    Metallica r. The lightning (guitar)
    Metallica black (guitar)
    Metallica and justicie for all (guitar)
    Metallica master of puppets (guitar)
    Metallica load (guitar)
    Metallica reload (guitar)
    Metallica garage inc (guitar)
    Metallica st anger (guitar)
    Metallica live shoot binge and purge (guitar)
    Mr. Big lean into in (guitar)
    Mr big hey man (guitar)
    Mr big mr big (guitar)
    Mr big bump ahead (guitar)
    Mr big get it over (guitar)
    motorhead the best
    motley crue theater of pain
    Motley crue girls, girls, girls, (guitar)
    Motley crue shout at the devil (guitar, vocal)
    Motley crue decade of decadense,japanese,guitar1, vocal, bass, drums,)
    Motley crue dr. Feelgood (guitar)
    motley crue 1994
    muse origin of symmetry
    muse showbiz
    Nirvana nevermind (guitar)
    Nirvana insecticide (guitar)
    Nirvana Bleach (guitar)
    Nirvana unplugged in new York (guitar)
    Nirvana from the muddy banks of wishkah (guitar)
    nuno bettencourt schizophonic
    Oasis what’s the story morning glory (guitar)
    oasis definitely maybe
    Offspring Americana (guitar)
    offspring conspary of one
    Ozzy osbourne dark at the moon (guitar)
    Ozzy osbourne the best (guitar)
    Ozzy osbourne blizzard of ozz (guitar)
    Ozzy osbourne diary of madman (guitar)
    Ozzy osbourne the ultimate sin(Japanese, vocal,bass, guitar,drums, keyboard)
    Ozzy osbourne rhandy tiibute (guitar)
    Ozzy osbourne ozzmosis (guitar)
    Ozzy osbourne no rest for the w.
    ozzy osbourne down yo earth
    pat benatar precious tiem
    pat metheny tab book
    partituras de guitarra renacimiento y barroco
    paco de lucia grandes exitos
    Paco de lucia friday night in san fransisco (partitura sin tabulado)(guitar)
    Paul Gilbert flying dog (Japanese, vocal, guitar1, guitar2, bass, drums)
    paul gilbert alligato farm
    paul gilbert burning organ
    paul gilbert king of clubs
    Pantera guitar anthology series (guitar)
    Pantera selections vulgar display and cowboys from hell (guitar)
    pearl jam ten
    Pink floyd the best (guitar)
    Pink floyd wish you where here (guitar)
    Pink floyd dark side of the moon (guitar)
    Pink floyd great gig in the sky
    pink floyd early classic
    phil collins best
    Poison open up an say ahhhh (guitar)
    Poison flesh and blood
    poison native tongue
    poison look what the cat dragged in
    Queen innuendo (guitar)
    queen the best (wolf marshall)
    Queenryche the warning (guitar)
    Queenryche operation (japanese, guitar1, guitar2, vocal , drums, keyboard)
    Queenryche empire (japanese, guitar1, guitar2, vocal ,bass, drums, keyboard)
    quier riot the best
    quiet riot condition critical
    r.e.m out the time
    radiohead the best
    radiohead the bends
    radiohead ok computer
    Rage against the machine (guitar)
    rainbow rising
    ramones the best
    Rammstein Rammstein (guitar)
    Racer x technical difficulties (Japanese, guitar1, guitar 2, bass, drums, vocal)
    Racer x superheroes (guitar1, guitar2, vocal)
    Racer x street lethal(Japanese, guitar1, guitar2, bass, vocal , drums)
    Racer x second heat( Japanese, guitar1, guitar2, guitar3, bass, vocal, drums)
    Racer x live extreme (Japanese + bonus,guitar1,guitar2, bass, vocal ,drums)
    Ratt dancing undercover (guitar)
    Ratt detonator (Japanese, guitar1, guitar2, bass, vocal , drums)
    Ratt EP 5 tracks (Japanese,guitar1, guitar2 , vocal, bass, drums)
    Ratt reach for the sky (Japanese,vocal,guitar1,guitar2, bass, drums)
    ratt invacion of you privacy
    real classical fake book
    Red hot chili peppers blood sugar sex magic (guitar)
    Red hot chili peppers one hot minute (guitar)
    Red hot chili peppers what hits
    red hot chilli peper californication
    richie kotzen the best
    richie kotzen mother heads family reunion
    Rithie blakmore the best (guitar)
    Royal hunt the best (guitar)
    robert cray strong persuader
    rod stewart the best
    rolling stones the best
    rolling stone rockscore
    rush moving pictures
    saxon cruzadersteve vai fire garden backing tracks + book
    santana authorized edition
    santana supernatural
    santana shaman
    savatage gutter ballet
    Seven wisher night ranger (guitar)
    Sepultura beneath the remains(guitar)
    Sepultura arise(guitar)
    Sepultura chaos a.d(guitar)
    sepultura roots
    sex pistols never mind the bollocks
    Scorpions crazy world (guitar)
    Scorpions love at first sting (Japanese,guitar,vocal,bass,drums)
    Scorpions blackout (Japanese, guitar)
    Scorpions world wide live selections (guitar)
    silverchair forgstomp
    Skid row skid row(guitar)
    Skid row slave to the grind(guitar)
    skid row subhuman race
    smashing pumpkins siamese dreams
    Soul asylum let your dim light shine (guitar)
    Soundgarden badmotorfinger (guitar)
    soundgarden superkrown
    Sonata arctica the best (Japanese, guitar1, bass, keyboard, drums, vocal)
    Slayer divine intervention (guitar)
    Slayer season in the abyss(guitar)
    Slayer show the mercy (guitar)
    Slayer hell awaits (guitar)
    slayer south of heaven
    slayer reign in blood
    Steve vai ultrazone (guitar)
    Steve vai fire garden (guitar)
    Steve vai alien love secrets (guitar)
    Steve vai sex and religion (guitar)
    Steve vai song for 4 albums (guitar)
    Steve ray vaughan soul to soul (guitar)
    Steve ray vaughan couln`t stand the weather (guitar)
    Steve ray vaughan texas flood (guitar)
    steve ray vaughan the best
    steve ray vaughan the sky is crying
    Steve morse soulthern steel (guitar)
    steve morse high tension
    steve morse structural damage
    steve morse coast to coast
    Steelheart (guitar)
    System of a down steal this album (guitar)
    Stones roses (guitar)
    stone temple pilots purple
    stone temple pilots the best
    Slaughter stick it to ya
    Sting rock score
    Stratovarius visions (Japanese, guitar, bass, vocal ,drums, keyboard)
    Stratovarius episode (Japanese, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocal)
    Stratovarius 4 dimension (Japanese, guitar1, bass, vocal, drums, keyboard)
    Stratovarius dreamspace(Japanese, guitar1, bass, vocal,drums,keyboard)
    Stryper the hell with the devil (guitar)
    Stryper god we trust (guitar)
    Stryper the best (Japanese, guitar1 , guitar2, bass, drums)
    Symphony x the best of (Japanese, guitar, bass vocal, drums)
    vanderberg heavy metal
    vasco rosii the best of vasco rossi
    ugly kid joe america least wanted
    Van halen 5150 (japanese,guitar, bass, drums, vocal)
    Van halen f.u.c.k (guitar)
    Van halen fair warning (guitar)
    Van halen 1984 (guitar)
    Van halen van halen I (guitar)
    Van halen driven down (guitar)
    van halen woman and children first
    van halen balance
    Vinnie Moore time odyssey (guitar)
    vinnie moore mind's eye
    vinnie moore meltdown
    Vinnie vincent invation (guitar)
    Vinnie vincent all system go (guitar)
    Tesla psychotic supper (guitar)
    tesla bust a nut
    tesla mechanical resonance
    testament practice what your preach
    testament soul of black
    testament the new order
    testament the ritual
    the 60's 70's rock score
    the darkness permission to land
    The doors anthology (guitar)
    The police the besr (guitar)
    the police the greatest song
    the corrs the best
    the cure desintegration
    the cure the best
    the cure starding on the beach the singles
    the cult electric score
    the cult pure cult
    the cult sonic temple
    Toto the best (Japanese,guitar,bass,drums,keyboard)
    Tony macalpine maximum security (Japanese, guitar)
    Tony macalpine superguitarrist (Japanese, guitar)
    Tony macalpine edge of insanity (guitar)
    Troy stetina speed mechanics (guitar)
    Twister sister stay hungry (japanese, guitar1, guitar2, bass, drums,vocal)
    twister sister come out and play
    Trixter trixter (guitar)
    Thin lizzy the best (guitar)
    yes the best
    yngwie malmsteen live in brazil
    yngwie malmsteen live in leningrand
    Yngwie malmsteen rising force (guitar)
    Ynwgie malmsteen war of the end wars all wars (guitar1, guitar , vocal)
    Ynwgie malmsteen fire in ice (guitar)
    Yngwie malmsteen odyssey (guitar)
    Yngwie malmsteen trilogy (guitar)
    Yngwie malmsteen professional approach (guitar)
    Yngwie malmsteen attack (guitar)
    Yngwie malmsteen eclipse (guitar)
    Ynwgie malmsteen alchemy (Japanese, guitar1, guitar2, bass, drums, vocal)
    Ynwgie malmsteen marching out (guitar)
    Yngwie malmsteen symphony concerto suite and orchestra in E flat minor (guitar)
    Yngwie malmsteen inspiration (Japanese, guitar,bass, vocal ,keyboard,drums)
    Ynwgie malmsteen seventh sing (Japanese, guitar,bass,vocal, keyboard,drums)
    Yngwie malmsteen Magnus opus (japanese, guitar1, guitar2, bass, keyboard, drums, vocal)
    Yngwie malmsteen facing the animal (guitar)
    Warrant dirty rotten filthy stinking rich (guitar)
    Warrant dog eat dog (guitar)
    warrant cherrie pie
    Wasp last command (japanese, guitar1, guitar2, vocal)
    wasp wasp
    wasp the headless children
    whie zombie astro creep 2000
    white zombie selection from la sexorcisto
    White lion pride (japanese,guitar)
    White lion big game (guitar)
    Whitesnake slide it (guitar)
    Whitesnake slip of the tongue (guitar)
    Winger the heart of the young (guitar)
    weezer weezer
    weezer pinkerton
    Winger pull (guitar)
    winger winger
    xyz xyz
    zack wylde pentatonic hardcore
    Zack wylde book of shadows (guitar)
    zz top la grange

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    2 Dic 2008
    Lorihen te mande un MP porque quiero comprar please contestame lo antes posible soy de argentina
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