Felicidad a costa de la mía !!

Publicado en 'Foro Libre' por FLECHAS, 6 May 2014.


    FLECHAS Miembro de bronce

    16 Jun 2010

    Aunque no sea conmigo ... !!

    Buena canción, escúchala y di que sientes ... exprésate :D

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  2. vamosalGymXP

    vamosalGymXP Suspendido

    5 May 2014
    Esa es de la pelicula notebook r.r
  3. cocoliso

    cocoliso Miembro de bronce

    27 Oct 2007
    Esta creo que es el cantante original

    Ademas es parte de la banda sonora de la pelicula peruana Contracorriente

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  4. PanConLibertad

    PanConLibertad Suspendido

    10 Feb 2012
    Tal vez alguien puede ayudarme con la traducción de esta canción que tiene que ver con este tema

    And the money she gave me, wasn't enough to pay the rent,
    But before I get some
    all my money's long been spent,
    It's nice to get away from all the noise back home
    It's harmless in a way we don't have that far to go.

    And in june we're three,
    And it's nice, cos I love you, cos I love you, cos I love you.

    With the rain came freedom, never was one more word so true
    In the ragged morning then the word came alive in you
    And I tried, and I tried for you
    It's not easy, cos I love you, cos I love you, cos I love you.

    All the food that we could buy wasn't enough to keep just one alive.
    But we came through summer letting autumn close your eyes.
    And I tried, and I tried for you.
    I can take it, cos I love you, cos I love you, cos I love you.
    It's not easy, cos I love you, cos I love you, that's all.


    Y el dinero que me dio no fue suficiente para pagar el alquiler
    Pero antes de conseguir algo
    todo mi dinero ya había sido gastado hace tiempo
    Es bonito alejarse del ruido de vuelta a casa
    Es inocuo de tal forma que no tenemos que ir tan lejos

    Y en junio somos tres, y está bien
    Porque te amo, porque te amo, porque te amo

    Con la lluvia vino la libertad
    nunca otra palabra fue tan verdadera
    En la mañana andrajosa cuando palabra cobro vida en ti
    Y lo intenté, lo intenté por ti
    No es fácil, porque te amo, porque te amo, porque te amo

    Toda la comida que pudimos comprar
    no fue suficiente para mantener vivo a uno
    Pero pasamos por el verano dejando que el otoño cierre tus ojos
    Y lo intenté, lo intenté por ti

    Puedo soportarlo, porque te amo, porque te amo, porque te amo
    No es fácil, porque te amo, porque te amo
    Eso es todo

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    -E, --cert CERT[:PASSWD] Client certificate file and password (SSL)
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    --ftp-ssl-ccc-mode ACTIVE/PASSIVE Set CCC mode (F)
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    --ignore-content-length Ignore the HTTP Content-Length header
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    -k, --insecure Allow connections to SSL sites without certs (H)
    --interface INTERFACE Specify network interface/address to use
    -4, --ipv4 Resolve name to IPv4 address
    -6, --ipv6 Resolve name to IPv6 address
    -j, --junk-session-cookies Ignore session cookies read from file (H)
    --keepalive-time SECONDS Interval between keepalive probes
    --key KEY Private key file name (SSL/SSH)
    --key-type TYPE Private key file type (DER/PEM/ENG) (SSL)
    --krb LEVEL Enable Kerberos with specified security level (F)
    --libcurl FILE Dump libcurl equivalent code of this command line
    --limit-rate RATE Limit transfer speed to this rate
    -l, --list-only List only names of an FTP directory (F)
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    -L, --location Follow redirects (H)
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    --no-keepalive Disable keepalive use on the connection
    --no-sessionid Disable SSL session-ID reusing (SSL)
    --noproxy List of hosts which do not use proxy
    --ntlm Use HTTP NTLM authentication (H)
    -o, --output FILE Write output to <file> instead of stdout
    --pass PASS Pass phrase for the private key (SSL/SSH)
    --post301 Do not switch to GET after following a 301 redirect (H)
    --post302 Do not switch to GET after following a 302 redirect (H)
    -#, --progress-bar Display transfer progress as a progress bar
    --proto PROTOCOLS Enable/disable specified protocols
    --proto-redir PROTOCOLS Enable/disable specified protocols on redirect
    -x, --proxy [PROTOCOL://]HOST[:PORT] Use proxy on given port
    --proxy-anyauth Pick "any" proxy authentication method (H)
    --proxy-basic Use Basic authentication on the proxy (H)
    --proxy-digest Use Digest authentication on the proxy (H)
    --proxy-negotiate Use Negotiate authentication on the proxy (H)
    --proxy-ntlm Use NTLM authentication on the proxy (H)
    -U, --proxy-user USER[:PASSWORD] Proxy user and password
    --proxy1.0 HOST[:PORT] Use HTTP/1.0 proxy on given port
    -p, --proxytunnel Operate through a HTTP proxy tunnel (using CONNECT)
    --pubkey KEY Public key file name (SSH)
    -Q, --quote CMD Send command(s) to server before transfer (F/SFTP)
    --random-file FILE File for reading random data from (SSL)
    -r, --range RANGE Retrieve only the bytes within a range
    --raw Do HTTP "raw", without any transfer decoding (H)
    -e, --referer Referer URL (H)
    -J, --remote-header-name Use the header-provided filename (H)
    -O, --remote-name Write output to a file named as the remote file
    --remote-name-all Use the remote file name for all URLs
    -R, --remote-time Set the remote file's time on the local output
    -X, --request COMMAND Specify request command to use
    --resolve HOST:PORT:ADDRESS Force resolve of HOST:PORT to ADDRESS
    --retry NUM Retry request NUM times if transient problems occur
    --retry-delay SECONDS When retrying, wait this many seconds between each
    --retry-max-time SECONDS Retry only within this period
    -S, --show-error Show error. With -s, make curl show errors when they occur
    -s, --silent Silent mode. Don't output anything
    --socks4 HOST[:PORT] SOCKS4 proxy on given host + port
    --socks4a HOST[:PORT] SOCKS4a proxy on given host + port
    --socks5 HOST[:PORT] SOCKS5 proxy on given host + port
    --socks5-hostname HOST[:PORT] SOCKS5 proxy, pass host name to proxy
    --socks5-gssapi-service NAME SOCKS5 proxy service name for gssapi
    --socks5-gssapi-nec Compatibility with NEC SOCKS5 server
    -Y, --speed-limit RATE Stop transfers below speed-limit for 'speed-time' secs
    -y, --speed-time SECONDS Time for trig speed-limit abort. Defaults to 30
    --ssl Try SSL/TLS (FTP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP)
    --ssl-reqd Require SSL/TLS (FTP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP)
    -2, --sslv2 Use SSLv2 (SSL)
    -3, --sslv3 Use SSLv3 (SSL)
    --stderr FILE Where to redirect stderr. - means stdout
    --tcp-nodelay Use the TCP_NODELAY option
    -t, --telnet-option OPT=VAL Set telnet option
    --tftp-blksize VALUE Set TFTP BLKSIZE option (must be >512)
    -z, --time-cond TIME Transfer based on a time condition
    -1, --tlsv1 Use TLSv1 (SSL)
    --trace FILE Write a debug trace to the given file
    --trace-ascii FILE Like --trace but without the hex output
    --trace-time Add time stamps to trace/verbose output
    --tr-encoding Request compressed transfer encoding (H)
    -T, --upload-file FILE Transfer FILE to destination
    --url URL URL to work with
    -B, --use-ascii Use ASCII/text transfer
    -u, --user USER[:PASSWORD] Server user and password
    --tlsuser USER TLS username
    --tlspassword STRING TLS password
    --tlsauthtype STRING TLS authentication type (default SRP)
    -A, --user-agent STRING User-Agent to send to server (H)
    -v, --verbose Make the operation more talkative
    -V, --version Show version number and quit
    -w, --write-out FORMAT What to output after completion
    --xattr Store metadata in extended file attributes
    -q If used as the first parameter disables .curlrc