Andrea Franco y su documental GAY Peruano "PAOLO"

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    Ojala se vea en Peru este documental que esta participando en el festival gay de Miami... algunos de este foro se sentiran identificados y tocados, pero es la realidad en nuestra cultura peruana bastante retrograda en estos temas.

    Synopsis A Latin American immigrant, Paolo has been living the American dream for the last 8 years. He surrounds himself with friendships, lovers, money, and all things fun and indulgent. But under hte gloss has been the underlying desire to reconnect with his beloved family and country, Peru. Only one thing has stopped him from going back though: His fear that he will be shunned for being gay. Most of society in Peru views homosexuality as a terrible secret worth keeping.
    "Paolo" is the documentary of his return to his motherland, and of the possible conflict that could arise when an outspoken, buoyant personality clashes with the religious tradition and morals of a Latin American town. Having decided to face his family and townspeople, Paolo is also determined to meet and confront his father, the same man that abandoned him and his family when Paolo was only a little boy. Only to find himself with a life changing surprise that he never expected...
    Poignant and cathartic, Paolo reflects the inward journed of self-acceptance and determination, and the importance of family and roots.

    Andrea Franco, sobre su nueva cinta, Paolo, que se presenta este miércoles 22 de april en el Atlanta Film Festival y, unos días después -jueves 30- en el Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Los dejo con la entrevista y con el trailer de Paolo.

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